Divisions and departments
The General Direction oversees all activities and directs the performance, ensuring the optimal use of the means and resources, in line with objectives and policies of the company to guarantee the quality and service.
Manages relations with investors as well as with regulatory bodies that oversee the financial markets.
It also interfaces with divisional managers by sharing analysis and action plans.
The Technical Division guarantees the quality of products through the management of the internal laboratory with dedicated tests on incoming and outgoing goods.
Draws up technical specifications, work plans, creates 3D prototypes and is responsible for researching and development of new products.
The Production Division oversees the entire process of development and implementation in terms of: planning and supervision of the processes of new product development and start up production.
Also it monitors the production and updates the situation regarding the tooling company, even through mapping for tooling and / or customer.
The Purchasing and Logistics Division is responsible for planning, logistics and production scheduling.
Plans and manages supply activities (raw materials, components, semi-finished products and services), and periodic maintenance and protection regulations quality, health, environment and safety of workers.
The Sales Division includes the activities of marketing, sales and customer care. It promotes, expands and coordinates national and international commercial activities to achieve the aim agreed with management.
Analyzes the information on the trends and needs of the market by cooperating with the marketing and production division.
Within this division there is a Customer Service dedicated to the management of orders, logistic and technique informations.
The Communication Division defines the communication strategies related to the brand and the product by choosing the most appropriate channels.
Manages activities to promote and coordinate all activities related to events and other initiatives in line with the strategies of internal communication
The Administrative Division plans and manages the activities of: account, finance, legal and management of the Group.
The Human Resources Division supervise all activities related to the management of the staff and directs the execution, ensuring the optimization of the process, in line with objectives and policies of the company and to guarantee an optimal work environment.
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