Technical Division
An important step for the growh and development of our group has been the opening of the Technical Division and of a laboratory equipped with all the most strategic machineries for laboratory tests, design and prototipation.
Technical division main activities:

- Quality control on the production
- Quality control on incoming and outcoming goods
- Research and Development
- Check and application of procedure
- Support sales
- Creations 2D and 3D drawing
- Creating samples with 3D printing
- Glow-wire test
- Tracking Index Test
- Ball pressure test
- Function test / aging at ambient temperatures up to + 250 ° C
- Routine testing: test starting and operating with detection power and current absorbed at varying supply voltages AC or DC and a frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz
- Test of detecting number of revolutions of the impeller in fans (RPM)
- Test on the current leakage, the dielectric, on the insulation resistance and the continuity of grounding
- Test motors heating
- Test locked rotor engine fan
- Tensile strength test
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