Comestero Sistemi e Motomorphosis - TURN YOUR MIND ON, USE YOUR HANDS

Gruppo Comestero Sistemi also sponsors the Motomorphosis project born in 2009, under the project of Andrea Ducati, aimed at raising awareness and disseminating the topic of road safety education, safety and mobility in Italy.   


Artists, designers, manufacturers, institutions, students and companies have been invited to participate and support the dissemination of road culture, giving their contribution and participating in the creation of an auteur bike starting from a silhouette designed exclusively for the Pino Spagnolo association.  

During the years in which the association was present at the World Motorcycling Exposition, numerous nationally and internationally renowned artists participated in the creation and decoration of prototypes that allowed Motomorphosis to allocate sales profits to different non-profit associations. Comestero Sistemi has chosen the motorbike of Domenico Marranchino "Alta Velocità" an internationally renowned Milanese artist a living concentrate of energy, enthusiasm, passion that he transmits in his works.  


Around the playful aspect of the "Turn on the mind, use your hands" competition, an editorial and awareness-raising plan for social issues is featured in the statute of the Association (education / security / mobility) which will be shared with the Traffic Police and will be communicated and branched through newsletters and activities on schools and universities shared with the institutions and supporting partners. In conjunction with the motoparade, an auction (also online) will allow Motomorphosis to allocate sales profits to different non-profit associations.  


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